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Donations In Kind (DIK) is the program whereby Rotarians and Rotary Clubs source surplus goods and products within Australia that have no further use here. However, these goods are often invaluable to those in needy countries and/or can be used to support Rotary projects in developing countries.


The Rotary Club of Adelaide supports Donations in Kind with our members volunteering to help sort stock, load containers and arrange shipments at the DIK Edinburgh warehouse.  We also contribute funds to assist with shipping costs, etc, at the discretion of DIK.  Our members have recently used their associates and contacts to arrange a shipment of school furniture to Cochin.  We arranged for freight etc which assured that school furniture etc from DIK stocks reached its needy destination.
DIK is a major Rotary project that has a coverage throughout South Australia.  Surplus goods are donated to the project by businesses, organisations and individuals.  These goods are sorted and distributed to needty communities locally, nationally and internationally. 


Goods including medical, dental and hospital equipment, computers, books, toys and school furniture.  The goods are stored on a temporary basis at a warehouse facility in Ednburgh Parks where they are checked, sorted and cleaned.


Funds are raised for freight costs to get the containers to the specifically identified needy communities.