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We're committed to taking on some of the world's most pressing challenges.

Members of the Rotary Club of Adelaide contribute to the processes involved with the South Pacific Schools Aid project.


This project send dozens of pallets of books and educational equipment to schools throughout the South Pacific and even as far as Nepal.  They have even taken computers from IT Share at Stirling, to pack them and send them to Zanzibar Nursing School. Books from St Andrews school and Mitcham Rotary bookshop ened up amomgst the shipments for Nepal and Fiji.   Two pallets of books were even sent to the Deaconess' college in Suva Fiji.


Books come and books go.  Outgoing destinations include Myanmar, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and even Western Samoa.


Donations from organisations like West Lakes Shore school, St Augustines School, OXFAM, Mundulla Primary School and many other places including Adelaide University.


The volunteers work their magic and out they go - boxed, palettes, wrapped and addressed. (The 'magic' is really intelligent hard work - selecting the right books and maximising the number of books per box by careful packing).